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What happens when your Office 365 subscription runs out? Ransom


This may make you think twice before shifting to a subscription model vs. an installed model.

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  • Microsoft Explorer

    Upcoming Windows end-of-life deadlines we should be talking about by Andy Patrizio

    The demise of Windows XP has gotten a huge amount of press, which would have been better if this kind of volume happened three or six months ago so people knew to move, but that point is moot now. What matters is Microsoft has some more deadlines coming, and you really want to know about these.Windows Server 2003 R2 end of life: 7/14/2015Microsoft will fully pull the plug on Server 2003 R2 come July 14, 2015, 15 months from now. While that may seem like a long time, server migrations are always...

  • Privacy and Security Fanatic

    Leaker claims Microsoft will give away free cloud-based Windows for PCs & laptops by Ms Smith

    Wzor, the infamous Windows leaker, took to a forum recently with claims that Microsoft is allegedly working on a prototype operating system that would not be fully functional unless it was connected online to the cloud. You better sit down, because rumor has it that some minimalistic version of this new Windows OS, which may be meant for devices with screens larger than 9 inches, could be "free." Microsoft managed to get in a double-whammy when Pawn Stars made a Scroogled commercial calling...

  • Privacy and Security Fanatic

    Data breach report: 9 attack patterns describe 92% of 100,000 security incidents by Ms Smith

    There are some big changes to Verizon's 2014 Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR) (pdf), including a deep dive into two different datasets that came from 50 different sources and 95 countries. One set of data looks back at 1,367 confirmed data breaches and 63,437 security incidents from 2013. Another looks back over a decade of data covering about 3,800 data breaches and 100,000 security incidents. Guess what? Nine types of attack patterns accounted for 92% of 100,000 incidents spanning the...

  • Privacy and Security Fanatic

    Reddit penalizes technology subreddit for censoring headlines about 'spying', 'NSA' by Ms Smith

    I don't visit Reddit every day, but when I do, I check out /r/technology. Over the weekend, I wondered why "technology" was no longer listed across the top of Reddit. For a moment I wondered, "Did Digg's former bury brigade migrate over to Reddit's technology section?" Each social network has its own form of gaming to control the topics that hit the "front page." Reddit is suffering from power-mad mods who blatantly favor some sites and keyword censorship that completely nixed some technology...

  • Privacy and Security Fanatic

    USA world rankings: #1 for sending spam, #8 for Netflix streaming speeds by Ms Smith

    The U.S. is top dog when it comes to sending spam, but when it comes to streaming Netflix, the U.S. comes in as the eighth fastest nation. When Sophos named its spam-relaying "Dirty Dozen" for the first quarter of 2014, it pointed out, "Remember that if your country is on the list, we're not implying that you and your fellow countrymen are spam kings." Instead, it implies the countries on the list have botnet-infected PCs spewing spam on behalf of the real cybercrooks. The worst spam-relaying...

  • Microsoft Explorer

    How users are fixing Windows 8.1 Update install problems by Andy Patrizio

    Within days of Microsoft unleashing Windows 8.1 Update, users began flooding Microsoft support boards with problems during the install. Microsoft has been rather mum on the issue, but skilled users have found fixes to the problem.The problems began piling up on Microsoft's Answers forum and continue to this day. The first problem was reported on the day of the launch of Windows 8.1 Update, referred to as KB 2919355 in Microsoft patch parlance.As a result, Microsoft has given enterprise...

  • Privacy and Security Fanatic

    Microsoft releases new-and-improved Threat Modeling Tool 2014 by Ms Smith

    Threat modeling can help identify "design-level security and privacy weaknesses in systems," wrote Trustworthy Computing's Tim Raines. "Threat modeling is also used to help identify mitigations that can reduce the overall risk to a system and the data it processes. Once customers try threat modeling, they typically find it to be a useful addition to their approach to risk management." Microsoft last released a free Security Development Lifecycle Threat Modeling Tool (TMT) in 2011, but has...

  • Privacy and Security Fanatic

    Record and rewind: Cops quietly test aerial surveillance to track crime by Ms Smith

    Because America apparently isn't enough of a surveillance society, and aerial surveillance only works if it is "looking at the right spot," cops have been testing a new wide-area surveillance system that can watch, record and rewind every outdoor activity that happens in a city, every person, every car and every crime. It "is something of a time machine - the entire city is filmed and recorded in real time," reported The Center for Investigative Reporting (CIR). "Imagine Google Earth with a...

  • Microsoft Explorer

    Windows XP holdouts explain why they haven't upgraded by Andy Patrizio

    OK, Armageddon has passed, and I was wrong. April 9 was not the new Y2K bug. In this case, I'm glad I was wrong. However, Microsoft is no longer supporting Windows XP (and Office 2003, we often forget that) and a lot of people are still using it.RELATED: Attention Windows 8.1 users: Update 1 is not an optionWhat happens when your Office 365 subscription runs out? RansomMicrosoft sure tried to incentivize people to move, with things like a $100 discount off a Surface Pro 2 or PC purchase and a...

  • Privacy and Security Fanatic

    When student recorded bullies with iPad, school claimed it was felony wiretapping by Ms Smith

    It's said desperate times call for desperate measures, so a desperate teenager used his school-supplied iPad to record "proof" of students bullying him during his special education math class. Instead of stopping or punishing the bullies, Pennsylvania school administrators threatened to charge the South Fayette High School sophomore with felony wiretapping. After reading several anti-bullying websites, the student -- a minor diagnosed with ADHD, an anxiety disorder and a comprehension delay...

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